Bow imitations

The imitation of an early bow is an intense process. As in the case of restoring a bow, it is vital to know about the work of the masters of the past. To immerse myself thoroughly in the task, I always request the original bow. Studying it helps me to achieve the desired result. Much time and thought are required to reproduce an early bow. The objective is not to "forge" a bow, rather to create a beautiful copy with a slight patina, faithful to the original instrument.The choice of woods, the patina techniques will endow the bow with a slight vintage quality whilst at the same time giving it all the charm of a new object in perfect condition. Playing with an early bow that has never been used before is an emotional experience. To avoid any controversies or disputes, my copies are all branded under the lapping.

Arnaud SUARD Violon bow Copie

62 g

Violin bow - Dominique Peccatte inspiration

Arnaud SUARD bow Copie

62 gViolin bow -  Dominique Peccatte inspiration